2x02 Heavy is the Head

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"Heavy is the Head"
Heavy is the head.jpg
Season/Episode 2:02
First Air Date September 30, 2014
Writer(s) Paul Zbyszewski
Director Jesse Bochco
Previous Episode 2x01 Shadows
Next Episode 2x03 Making Friends and Influencing People


[edit] Basic Details

Season: 2 Episode Number: 02

Title: Heavy is the Head

Original Air Date: September 30, 2014

Repeat Air Dates:

[edit] Credits

Writer: Paul Zbyszewski

Director: Jesse Bochco

Main Characters:

Other Characters:

[edit] Quick Summary

Hunted and running out of solutions, Coulson puts his team right in the line of fire in the hopes of saving them all. But with General Talbot, Hydra and Creel all on the attack, can they possibly survive? Meanwhile, a mysterious doctor harbors some dangerous secrets that could destroy one of our core team members.

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