1x04 Eye-Spy

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Season/Episode 1:04
First Air Date October 15, 2013
Writer(s) Jeffrey Bell
Director Roxann Dawson
Previous Episode 1x03 The Asset
Next Episode 1x05 Girl in the Flower Dress


[edit] Basic Details

Season: 1 Episode Number: 4

Title: Eye-Spy

Original Air Date: October 15, 2013 (Nationwide), October 12, 2013 (New York Comic-Con 2013)

Repeat Air Dates: December 21, 2013

[edit] Credits

Writer: Jeffrey Bell

Director: Roxann Dawson

Main Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Akela Amador - Pascale Armand
  • Kropsky - Michael Klesic
  • Inn keeper - Julia Emelin
  • Armed guard - Nick Gracer
  • Englishman (Akela's handler) - Dominic Burgess

[edit] Quick Summary

Agent Coulson and the S.H.I.E.L.D. team try to track down a mysterious woman who has single-handedly committed numerous high-stakes heists. But when the woman’s identity is revealed, a troubling secret stands to ruin Coulson.

[edit] Best Quotes

  • Phil Coulson: It's amazing. Every year this part of our job gets easier. Between Instagram, Facebook and Flickr, people are surveilling themselves.
  • Skye: Don't blame yourself because this chick went to the dark side. Whatever path she went down, whatever weird stuff she went into, it's on her.
  • Skye: [But] I called with an equally pressing question for you, my S.O.. What are we supposed to do if we have to pee?
    Grant Ward: (unamused) You broke protocol because you needed a bathroom break.
  • Skye: Did you never learn the thing where boy parts and girl parts are different, and our parts aren't penises!
  • Phil Coulson: You told me you were ready for combat, that you had my back.
    Melinda May: Don't ever doubt it. But you are defending this girl at the expense of the team.
    Phil Coulson: Because we protect our own.
  • Skye: And you value me. You're the first person to do that in a long time. So I happen to believe you're an excellent judge of character. If you think this woman deserves a second chance, we should give it to her. Even though she tried to kill me, and I kinda hate her guts.
  • Akela Amador: They built in a failsafe. Either I kill you, or they kill me.
    Melinda May: You should have stayed in bed.
  • Akela Amador: Why are you doing this? Why are you helping me? Where's the "I told you so"?
    Phil Coulson: That's not me any more. I'm just glad you're alive.
  • Skye: It would suck to live like this, wondering if someone's watching.
  • Skye: What do they mean "target"?
    Grant Ward: It's never good, especially for the target.
  • Akela Amador: You already gave me one [second chance]. Doesn't matter how it plays out from here. I'm free.

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Marvel References

  • The writings on the chalkboard of the secret room in the Todorov building where Ward infiltrated resembled the Skrull language written on it. Skrulls are a race of extraterrestrial shape-shifters from the Marvel comics.

[edit] Pop Culture References

  • Facebook, Flickr and Instagram are all mentioned as modern tools of self-surveillance.

[edit] Other Trivia

  • The lack of telepathic powers in the Marvel Cinematic/Television Universe is due to the rights to X-men and mutants being owned by Fox Broadcasting Company.

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